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For the past three years, I have been working hard at a university as a Game Day Manager. Recently my supervisor was let go, and I applied for the position. There were over 100 applicants, and the person who was hired was a friend of one of the managers. I was just as qualified, and I am frustrated that no consideration was given to my hard work and that there’s no way to advance here. What do you suggest?
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Hi, I have been on medical leave for a second round of rotator cuff surgery which required me to be away from my kitchen manager job in a school district for three months. I have two rotating subs that are filling in and my assistant cook is managing the kitchen while I am out. I am back three hours a day to do the paper work. One of the subs approached me today at the end of her shift and said she is done! My assistant and other co worker have been very bossy. I had a chat with them and of course they were “surprised” to hear this complaint. At a loss for words and lost a good sub! How do I handle this...ASAP!
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My boss has recently put me on an action plan to assist me in sales improvement. When I don't make sakes, she calls me into her office at odd times (esp. when I'm very busy), then puts hard pressure in me by saying that I'm on the "chopping block." She recently told me that I need a "fire under my ass." Today she told me that everywhere I go there is drama and blamed me for the internet malfunction when it was CLEARLY NOT my fault. Then she told me to go and pick up food for our entire office with her credit card and never offered me any food but expected me to drive and pick it up. She wrote me up for tailgating someone out of the garage saying she's "never had an employee like this." She told me that I can't fax documents any longer because of the internet, and one of my favorites is that she doesn't allow me to have my office door closed at all--- not even when I'm on a conference call. Oh yeah... She also told me that another employee has had complaints about her and that's she's "crazy or probably going through menopause." I want to notify HR, but I'm so afraid. She warned me that if I don't back her up or go against her I will regret it. What should I do?
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Reader comments

Got something to say about jerks at work? Here's what Ken's readers are saying about the jerks featured in his advice column. These are the three most recent comments. Check them out, and post your own!

Responding to this item, Website visitor recently said:
I also do not wear socks and am in sales and marketing. There are many reasons why a guy may not wear socks but that does not make us a bad job applicant. I hope you hired him.

Responding to this item, Yasir recently said:
Great post at Weston's Wisdom The Return of our Favorite Tales | Weston McCready. I was checking colunntousiy this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful info specifically the last part I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

Responding to this item, Endang recently said:
I especially acpperiate point 3: A lack of commitment to the team and its purpose is the leading problem facing most teams. So often I've been on teams where the culprit of the collapse of the team or the task is labeled as lack of outside support, lack of funding, lack of logistical connections, etc. rather than a lack of commitment on the part of the team members. If a group is seriously passionate about the purpose of a team, and members are able to work together and trust the others, there's not much on earth that they could not accomplish.