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I gave my most recent employer two weeks' notice, and on my final day of employment, I had an exit interview with the human resources representative. I was surprised that she did not ask me many questions, but used the opportunity to criticize me. She said my manager was not pleased with my work, and it was good that I was leaving because I was not going to be promoted. Is this how exit interviews are supposed to work?

This is not how exit interviews are supposed to work, and it is not how human resources representatives are supposed to work either. An exit interview is the time to meet with an employee who has given notice and try to learn more about his or her reasons for leaving.

These interviews can provide an employer with a good deal of insight into issues and problems that may be contributing to turnover. With increased understanding of the reasons behind each instance of turnover, employers are better equipped to introduce targeted changes if necessary.

An exit interview is the time for a manager or human resources representative to truly listen to what an exiting employee is saying. The fact that the human resources person in your former company used this as an opportunity for criticism merely shows that she is not particularly competent, and that raises questions about the competency of the entire HR department.

If this HR representative is in fact representative of the whole company, it is not surprising that you opted to leave.

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