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I have been trying to hire an administrative assistant, and I have received many resumes. I call the best candidates and make interview appointments, but many of these applicants don’t show up, and they don’t even call ahead to tell me. I am wondering how to prevent this.

It is indeed troubling to be recruiting and face the question, “What if you gave an interview and no one came?” The first place to look is at the criteria you are using to determine the best candidates. You should look for clear indicators that the applicant has the experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other key qualifications for the position. If the resume does not really match the job specifications, an applicant may get cold feet at the last minute.

In addition, your telephone screening techniques should be job related and focus on the applicant’s work history. Improper questions can cause an applicant to bow out. Such an individual might agree to an interview simply to end the call, while knowing full well that he or she is not going to show.

It is also possible that some applicants are checking out the company after the interview and are hearing bad things. Other applicants may simply be using you to leverage their current employers for increases.

Either way, you should call interviewees ahead and confirm their appointments. And further, granted that the actions of the no-shows are rude and inconsiderate, a call to some of them could help shed some light on their rather murky behaviors.

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