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I am new here and I am in a fairly senior position. On my first day, the Human Resources Manager wrote and posted a brief biographical write-up about me on the company website. The wording made me look more junior than I really am, and a couple of important points in my bio were left out. Should I ask for a correction or just let it go?

If you cannot get the online description of your background out of the foreground of your mind, you should do something about it. However, before taking action, you should remember that many employees either read these announcements at lightning speed, or they ignore them altogether.

Nonetheless, if the write-up is going to gnaw away at you, you should rewrite the bio yourself and then meet with the Human Resources Manager. In such a meeting, be positive and upbeat while discussing the wording of the current announcement, and then show the HR Manager the write-up you prefer. If a change is to be implemented, there should be no announcement regarding corrections or updating. Simply ask to have the current online biography replaced with your new one.

You can also mention that in the future it will be helpful for new hires to read a draft of the biographies that the company prepares for them before such bios are placed online.

Either way, whatever is said about you on the company website will soon be trumped by whatever is said about your actual performance on the job.

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Posted by Website visitor on 2007-06-12 06:05:42
Let it go. If you're more than your intro, people will figure that out soon enough. Good luck!