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I am five to ten minutes late to work just about every day. My manager gives me infinite grief over this and says I am not following company policy, but she overlooks the fact that I am a good worker. I try to get to work on time, but itís difficult. How can I get her to stop obsessing on this and look at the big picture?

Although you want your manager to look at the big picture, you are the one who is missing it. You are violating your companyís tardiness policy, and the only surprising issue is that your manager has not formally documented your behavior and advised you of the consequences if it continues.

Companies do not just arbitrarily come up with tardiness policies. When employees are frequently late, the outcomes can include inconvenience to co-workers, communication blockages and breakdowns, interference with scheduling, and claims of favoritism. The fact that you are a good worker when you are present does not change any of this.

It is also revealing to work the math. Although you are five to ten minutes late almost every day, letís be very conservative say that you are five minutes late four days a week. At the end of one year, this translates into approximately 960 minutes of tardiness, and this equals 16 hours or two full days of missed work.

You need to do more than try to get to work on time, as it is just a matter of time before your manager takes action on this trying situation.

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Posted by Website visitor on 2010-03-11 07:32:46
If you can be late 5 minutes everyday, you can easily be early 5 minutes everyday. Change your alarm clock.