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I went for a job interview, but first I had to complete an application blank. On most sections, I wrote “see resume,” and then I had what I thought was a good interview. A few days later I received a rejection letter. I called to see what happened but I never got through. Some of my friends said I was eliminated because I did not fill in the application blank. Is that a real possibility?

There could be any number of reasons why this potential employer rejected you, and it is possible that writing “see resume” led to the company saying “see you around.” However, the rejection is more likely due to other factors such as a better qualified candidate, a comparable candidate who is more affordable, a last-minute promotion, or perhaps the company decided not to fill the position.

Nonetheless, even if it is remotely possible that you were knocked out because you did not complete the application blank, you should remove this possibility on future interviews. Companies can regard an application blank as your first assignment, and interviewers like to see how you approach it. They may look it over and ask themselves if you took the assignment seriously or if you rushed through it.

In addition, it can be difficult for employers to compare one resume with another since applicants control the content. Application blanks place all of the applicants on the same playing field and thus make it much easier to compare one candidate with the other. When you say “see resume,” you may indeed be taking yourself out of the match.

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