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My manager gives us praise and thanks us practically all the time. At first, I appreciated his kind words, but since he says them to everyone constantly, I'm tired of it. Is it worth telling him that he is going overboard or should I just ignore it?

It's one thing for a manager to be thankful, and an entirely different matter to be full of thanks. For praise and thanks to have maximum positive impact, they should be provided after an employee does a good job or acts in a way that is truly excellent.

When every other word from a manager is filled with appreciation, the words have as much meaning as the constant hum of air conditioning. The only difference is that one is cool air and the other is hot air.

Managers who act as fountains of praise often have a heightened need to be liked, or they operate under the misconception that it is impossible to provide too much thanks and recognition. It would not be surprising to find that your manager's skills are thin in some other areas as well.

When a manager's behavior is truly off the wall, employees should seriously consider meeting with him or her and provide some feedback. However, if your only complaint is that your manager dishes out constant thanks, you need to ask yourself if this issue is worth such a discussion. Since constant thanking is not unethical, illegal, or mean spirited, you should try to live with it for a while longer. Thankfully, it will probably fade into the background with the passage of time.

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