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I have been responding to employment ads for several months, and I have not had one interview. I know there are many applicants in my field, but my background seems to be more than satisfactory. Do you have any special steps that might help? Some of my friends suggested I show up at some companies and ask if they are hiring. I think this idea is worthless, and I wonder if you agree.

By saying that your background seems to be more than satisfactory, you sound a little uncertain. You are saying that you “seem” to be in a range that is hardly outstanding. Employers are looking for candidates who are excellent, and that is how you should try to project yourself in every step of your job search.

As for special steps beyond a great cover letter and resume, be sure to contact every possible person in your network for introductions and referrals, use private and public agencies, use multiple online and offline job search resources, follow up after you have submitted a resume, and approach your job search as a full-time job.

As a job-search strategy, the “drop-in” has had mixed results. It is not usually a great way to get a job, especially for middle level positions and up. However, some companies see “drop-ins” as signs of industriousness and a strong work ethic. As a search strategy, it should line up behind others noted above, but if your friends know of specific companies where drop-ins have been hired in positions that interest you, perhaps you should drop by and drop off your resume.

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