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I am upset that some of my co-workers are getting mid-year raises and I am getting nothing. Raises are given annually, but certain people get extra raises along the way. I told my manager that I would like to be included in these raises, and he said they are all special cases. What should I do?

While these mid-year raises are raising your hackles, you need to do more than tell your manager that you would like to be included. After all, every employee in the house wants to be included.

Your manager has indicated that these raises are special cases, so the real question is what it takes to be so special. It would not be surprising to find that employees who receive these raises have been promoted or have increased responsibilities. It is also possible that they have contractual agreements, reached educational or licensure benchmarks, or experienced other significant changes in their roles in the company.

As you learn more about the special factors behind the increases, perhaps there will be steps that you can take in order to qualify for them. This is a topic for you to discuss with your manager.

When you use the expression, “certain people,” there is a subtle implication that these raises are being given out on a more personal basis or as a result of favoritism. If that is the case, there is more to be concerned about than the company’s raise practices.

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