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Stress Assertiveness Workload

I am getting totally stressed out by my job. I feel tense all the time because of the workload and time pressures, and my manager just keeps pouring more on me. I have jumped around in many jobs over the past few years, and I donít want to quit. What can you suggest?

When you are totally stressed out over a long period of time, the most important point to stress is that you are hurting yourself. Although some stress can be motivational and a source of increased strength and focus, overwhelming and continuous stress has the exact opposite impact.

The human body was designed to handle high levels of stress primarily on a short-term or emergency basis. When you are under constant stress, there can literally be damages from head to toe, including migraines, blurred vision, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and muscle strains, along with numerous related emotional and behavioral problems.

If your manager is continuously overloading you with demanding and high-pressure responsibilities on a short time fuse, you need act assertively and tell him or her what you think. If possible, try to remove some of the sources of excessive stress from your job, such as by delegation or reassignment.

You should also try to learn more about stress management, particularly in terms of exercise, proper diet, deep breathing, and talking with others, as well as some of the more exotic approaches such as massage, meditation, and yoga.

If you do not take action to deal with stress, it can take you out of action.

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