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Part of my job is to screen resumes for our company, and many resumes are emailed to us. We are trying to fill a marketing position, and a resume came in from a female who has a sexually suggestive name as part of her email address. Why would an applicant do this, and is this name something we should consider in screening?

Applicants who label themselves with possibly offensive names are likely to get the "rejected" label by potential employers.

One common reason for this type of name choice is that applicants are often advised to take extra steps to get themselves noticed, occasionally without realizing that there is a difference between being noticed in a positive context and noticed in a negative context.

In addition, some applicants see themselves as free spirits who would not want to work for a company that would be offended by edgy email names. In this regard, many employers gladly oblige. There are also applicants who are trying to be cute and clever, along with those who are clueless as to what it takes to entice a potential employer.

At the same time, perhaps this applicant believes that your company is one that would react positively to her edgy name. She may reason that she is applying for a marketing job, and this name clearly generates attention, publicity, and a buzz about her.

Either way, this applicant's email name is worth considering in screening her. In fact, everything an applicant says or does during the screening process, including an email address, can help you address his or her suitability for your company.

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