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I recently hired an employee who has more knowledge and skills in some parts of the job than I have. My concern is that she might make me expendable. How should I deal with her?

When you find that you have hired a strong, knowledgeable, and skilled individual who knows more than you in certain areas, the most important step is to rejoice. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find such employees today.

The real issue is your sense of insecurity resulting from her knowledge and competencies. It is important for you to recognize that hiring strong employees has numerous advantages. They start up faster, require less training, get more done in less time, and can be very helpful to your other employees.

It is not uncommon today for employees to have more knowledge in various areas than their managers. This strengthens your department, frees you to work on other key parts of your job, and presents a learning opportunity for you. Today’s best managers are eager to learn, even when their employees are doing the teaching.

Rather than making you more expendable, a strong hire can actually make you more promotable. By building the bench strength in your department, you demonstrate that your department can function well if you are promoted.

Obviously, if this new employee has been trying to push you out of the job, such as by embarrassing or humiliating you, that is another matter. But since that is not the case, you should not try to build a case against her.

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