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Decision Making Training and Education Feedback

We brought in a technology trainer on a trial basis to teach a group of our employees. The employees’ evaluations of the sessions were filled with positive comments. Several managers believe this warrants more of a commitment to continue this training, but I am not sure. What do you think?

Feedback from the attendees is food for thought, but the real effectiveness of this training is based on more than this. Attendee reactions tell you if the employees liked the presentation, presenter, material, or general approach. If that reaction is negative, the trial is typically over. However, a positive reaction does not tell you enough to make a decision to continue the program.

It is helpful to see how much your employees actually learned from the sessions. Have they truly built their skills and knowledge as a result of this training? Some programs actually include a quiz or a comparison of knowledge and skills before and after the sessions.

And further, even if the employees enjoyed the program and learned a great deal, you still do not know if they applied their new knowledge and skills to the job. Your evaluation should include any possible measures of changes in their behavior on the job.

Finally, you should see if the training met the goals you had in mind when you decided to implement some training. For example, perhaps you were looking for increases in productivity or reduced errors. A comparison of these factors before and after the training can help here.

In many ways, a trial program should be put on trial before you reach your verdict.

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