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I thought it would be fun to bring an entertainer to one of our company gatherings, and I was referred to a fellow who imitates a well known comic. I gave him information about several of our employees so he could make some fun comments about them, but everything went wrong. He was crass and crude, and several female employees walked out. Now what do I do?

When you bring in an entertainer and end up with an exodus, there is only one thought for you to entertain: you need to communicate with all of the employees about this mess as soon as possible. And your message should not be a cover-up or rationalization, such as by saying that the presentation was not as bad as it seemed or this individual had been recommended by a trusted source.

Your message should open with a clear apology for what happened at that gathering. There should be no spreading the blame around to others. You should make a complete admission of a failure to adequately screen an individual whom you invited to entertain the company, and let your employees clearly know that you were as upset as they were. Wrap it up by saying that this will not happen again.

As you no doubt know by now, any outsiders who are brought into your company to provide a service, whether itís to educate, exterminate, inoculate, or imitate need to be screened very carefully. You might also want to think twice before getting another recommendation from whoever referred this individual to you.

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