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Iím thinking of leaving my current job, and Iím wondering what I can do to assure the good work my boss has often praised is mentioned after I leave and a prospective employer calls for a reference. I have heard my boss rip into past employees. How can this be prevented, and how can I prepare my interviewer for this likelihood?

If this example of your bossís behavior is typical of his or her managerial style, it is not surprising that you are thinking about making a move.

In this single act, your boss has combined several mistakes. First, the tendency to provide nothing but negative data on previous employees can lead to serious claims from such individuals, especially in light of the implication that such individuals are not all bad. In addition, the fact that he goes into these rants within earshot of other employees is yet another tribute to his questionable judgment. And finally, most managers know that information regarding a previous employee should be limited to title and tenure unless other written arrangements have been made.

There is not much you can do at this point to induce your boss to say something positive about you. In fact, any requests you make in this area could lead to even more negative comments.

Your best step is to advise prospective employers about this bossís tendency to give negative references. You can validate your point with copies of your positive performance reviews. Hopefully, your past employment also includes bosses who understand the difference between a reference and a vendetta.

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