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Our company brought in an outside trainer, and during the session I thought he made a technical mistake, and not on a minor issue. When I politely asked him about it, he turned my question into a joke and got a big laugh from everyone in the room. Afterwards, I did some checking and found out I was right and the trainer was wrong on the issue. Should I say something or just forget it?

Not only was the trainer technically wrong, he was also personally wrong. Even if your question was totally without merit, a trainer has no right to ridicule or embarrass any attendee. If that were the trainerís only mistake, you would be well advised to say something about it. However, this trainer also provided you and the other attendees with incorrect information on a significant matter. As a result, there are two solid reasons for you to take further action.

The first step is to contact whoever retained this trainer and let him or her know what happened in the session. Secondly, there should be a formal correction sent to all of the attendees so that they will have accurate information on the point the trainer mishandled. Thirdly, the trainer should be advised of his errors, and he should write a formal apology to you and copy the other attendees. And finally, if the trainer is not self-employed, his employer should be advised of this incident.

It sounds like this trainer needs some training, not only in his so-called area of expertise, but also in human relations.

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