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I need regular information from the business office, but it is always a battle to get anything from them. I call them, e-mail them, and visit them, and I am able to gradually get what I need, but this is a big waste of time. How do I get them to do their job?

When the business office seems to be giving you the business, there are a number of steps to take, and you have already taken step one. Namely, you have met with the people in the department who are supposed to be getting the information to you. Since it sounds like you have been regularly calling, e-mailing, and visiting them, they obviously know what you need and when you need it, but nothing is delivered.

This means that it is time for step two, a discussion of the issue with your manager. After all, this is a situation that is interfering with the performance, productivity, and general satisfaction in your department, and hence is an issue that should interest your manager. Let him know about your efforts to resolve the matter on your own.

The next step is up to your manager. If your manager is actually managing, he or she will look into the situation and ultimately communicate directly with the business office manager. They may be able to solve the problem on their own, or perhaps there are other issues that are generating the problem in the first place. It may even be helpful to bring key employees from the two departments together to discuss and jointly resolve the matter on their own. While some conflict between departments is inevitable, letting it slide is unacceptable.

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