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I just interviewed an applicant who looked perfect on paper. His interview went well, but I have one lingering doubt. He has a very weak handshake. On several occasions, I have heard that this is a sign of weak character, and that is the last thing we need here. This applicant did not have a hand injury or anything like that. Since I have this doubt, should I look at other applicants?

Instead of looking at other applicants, you should look at yourself. You are making a major business decision, as well as a decision that will profoundly impact the life of another person, and you are basing your decision on nothing more than a stereotype. There is absolutely no correlation between a personís handshake and his or her character.

The notion about the relationship between a personís handshake and his or her character has been bandied about for many years, and this fact alone has caused many people to believe it. However, there are many age-old truisms that have been around for eons and lack even the slightest hint of truth.

If you want to know about the strength of this applicantís character, take a look at the best indicator of his character, namely his past behavior. By gathering a clear picture of his work history, you will have no problem discerning a true measure of his character. If you rely on a handshake to make this determination, you are on shaky ground.

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