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Our company is going through a reorganization and I am going to be working for a woman who is known to be on a major power trip. The word is that everything has to be done her way. Can you help me deal with her?

The most obvious suggestion is to approach this situation with an open mind. If you expect to have problems with your manager, that is exactly what you will find.

Even though this manager is known to be on a major power trip, it is possible that she went on this trip because of questionable performance by her employees. This means that your best first step is to make sure that the quality and quantity of your work are at a very high level. Importantly, you may need to do some internal public relations to make sure that she is aware of what you are doing.

If she remains on a power trip and tries to push you rather than work with you, your next step is to meet with her. Your objective is to figure out a way to work more productively with her. By this time, you should have clear performance data that point to your effectiveness on the job. Let her know that you can be even more productive, but you need her help.

The next step is to be quiet and see what she says. Her reaction in this meeting and in the days that follow it will tell you if your positive feelings are going to transfer to her, or if you should simply be thinking about a transfer in and of itself.

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