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Internet Privacy

My manager told me that the company is monitoring employee internet use, and that I am spending too much time surfing the net. I get my job done, and I resent this intrusion into my privacy. Besides, doesn’t management have anything better to do?

Rather than wondering if management has anything better to do, the real question is whether you have anything better to do, such as your job?

If you can get your job done with time to spare, your next step is to check and upgrade the quality of your work, and let your manager know you are done. As long as you are being paid, you should be spending the bulk of your time working, not surfing.

Although a growing number of employers are letting employees do some personal chores online, this varies from one company to another. It is also important to note that although such policies can create a convenience for the employees, these policies subtly induce employees to spend more time at work. Either way, it appears that you have crossed your company’s policies in this area.

As for the privacy issue, most employers have policies stating that equipment such as the phones and computers are company property, and the company has the right to monitor all internet activity and email. You should expect your actions in this area to be monitored at the company’s discretion.

Your manager has given you a clear message, and if you do not heed it, you are likely to be surfing the net on your own computer in search of a job.

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