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I am in charge of a department for a large state agency, and my counterpart over a different department retired a year ago. A year ago, my boss offered me the interim position over both departments, and a few months later announced that she was promoting me over both departments. However, a year has passed, and I have approached my boss several times and reminded her about the promotion. I cannot go to the Human Resources Director since he is my bossís close friend. Is there anything I can do, or is this just a lesson learned?

There are lessons be learned by you and your boss. First, it is time for your boss to learn that when she makes a commitment like this, she needs to keep it unless there are extraordinary circumstances that prevent her from doing so.

The lesson for you is not to dwell on what you should have done. Rather, the lesson is to learn how to act more assertively. Assertiveness is more than a reminder. You should meet with your boss, present the facts, express your feelings, and specify what you want, in this case your new title and other perks that may accompany this position.

Fortunately, it is not too late. Tell your boss that with the impending New Year, the timing is perfect for you to formally start in the supervisory position that she offered you. Refresh her memory regarding your accomplishments over the past year, and give her an idea of the new goals that you have established for yourself in this position. You should not end the meeting with her until you find out if the offer is on the table or off the table, and certainly not tabled any further.

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