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I just passed my third year of employment with this company, and no one in management said anything to me about it. A few words of appreciation would have been nice, but when I mentioned this to my manager, he said the company gives out enough recognition as it is. He then offered unenthusiastic congratulations. Aren’t these anniversaries worth recognizing more formally?

A growing number of managers recognize the powerful motivational impact of recognition. As a result, they continuously seek new and creative ways to provide employees with thanks, credit, and appreciation when due. Rather than assuming that their company provides “enough recognition as it is,” they tend to see the recognition glass as perpetually half full, and they keep pouring it on.

You are correct in stating that a few words of appreciation would have been nice. In fact, companies can spend huge amounts of money on recognition programs for their employees, and your manager just overlooked a freebie.

Even if your manager is correct and your company provides all sorts of recognition, there is no need to let this easy opportunity slide by. Since employees spend the vast majority of their waking hours at work, it is not surprising that an anniversary date can play a heavy psychological role. Recognition is particularly powerful when tailored to the individual, and an anniversary date provides the perfect opportunity for just such feedback.

Employee anniversary dates become even more important over the years. While a few words are appropriate for some of the earlier anniversary dates, recognition should increase with the number of years of employment.

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