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At a recent meeting, I was interested in the discussion, but I did not see a need to make any comments. After the meeting, my manager sarcastically thanked me for my important contributions. I did not know what to say or how to react. What do you make of this?

This is the type of comment that really needs to be placed in context, and not merely the context of a post-meeting comment.

The first place to look is your managerís overall style. A comment like this can be a friendly and humorous throwaway that he makes to everyone, especially those who he likes and can take it. In some cases, managers are more likely to throw playful comments at employees who are doing well rather than those who are doing poorly. If this sounds like his style, you should ignore it.

However, you should also look back at the tone of the comment. If his words came across as negative and insulting you should try to look at your overall performance and working relationship with this manager and see if some repairs are in order.

At the same time, since these comments came on the heels of a meeting, it is probably worthwhile to replay the meeting in your mind and try to see if you missed any opportunities where your comments were warranted. Perhaps more active involvement is needed in the future. Either way, everyone who attends a meeting prefers attendees who say nothing over those who jump in to hear themselves talk. And that applies to questionable comments after a meeting as well.

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