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Money Raises Conflict Titles

Salaries are kept confidential here, but through an email mistake, all of the management salaries in our company were sent to me. I am in management, and I was annoyed that several managers with the same title as mine are making more money. Should I confront my manager?

It is rarely a great idea to use the word, “confront,” when planning a meeting with one’s manager. If you enter a meeting with that expectation, you are likely to have a rather unpleasant exchange.

It is also not a great idea to meet with your manager to discuss confidential company information that was inadvertently sent to you. Attempting to persuade your manager to increase your pay as a result of this type of information can be risky. Although many companies are increasingly open about salaries, yours is not.

Besides, a title often represents a range of pay, and individuals at one end can make considerably more than those at the opposite end. It is possible that the managers who share your title have greater job responsibilities and demands.

If you are dissatisfied with your pay, you should still meet with your manager to discuss your concerns. However, your focus should be on the value that you add, your measurable successes, and your direct impact on reducing costs, saving revenue, and helping the company meet its goals. As part of this discussion, you should also try to determine the kinds of steps that you should take in order to qualify for an increase. By approaching your manager with this positive framework, you are more likely to achieve positive results.

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