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This used to be a wonderful company until the new owners took over. Their management style is harsh, controlling, and cheap. Many of my co-workers have bailed out, and I am thinking of leaving too. But, I have invested many years here and it is hard for me to think about going to a new company. Is there a way to demonstrate to the new owners that they are destroying the business?

Although you may not want to join a new company, the fact is that a new company has joined you. With a complete change in a company's ownership and leadership, there can be a complete change in the culture, values, and work atmosphere. And, in your situation, it does not sound like this was a change for the better.

You want to bring back your old wonderful company, but the reality is that when the new owners moved in, your old company moved out. You can talk to the new owners about the changes that are being made, and even suggest that management hold a meeting to discuss the employee' concerns, inputs, and suggestions. The owners may surprise you and give this suggestion a try, but they do not seem to be particularly interested in what the employees have to say.

The reality is that you already have a clear idea of where your company is going, and now is the time to decide if you should be going with it, or if you should just be going.

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