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One of our co-workers is getting married in the spring, and she has been spending huge amounts of time on the Internet and telephone planning her wedding. She is our friend, and we will probably be invited to the wedding, but it is difficult to keep covering for her. Her work is falling behind, and so is ours. What should we do?

Your co-worker may be planning on walking down the aisle in the spring, but if she does not start getting her work done, she may be walking the plank before then. Since her work is falling behind, and now the work of several of her co-workers is also falling behind, it is just a matter of time before this productivity problem hits a senior managerís radar screen. At that point, the party planning will be over.

Since you and your co-workers are friends with this bride-to-be, you should give her some friendly advice. Be honest and let her see how your work and that of the department is falling behind because she is not getting her job done. You can also offer to help her with some of her wedding planning during off hours or breaks.

If you still see her spending time on wedding sites, it is only a matter of time before your manager sees the same sight and sites. Since many employers monitor employee Internet usage, perhaps her blissful visits are already being noted.

Your message could actually be one of her best wedding gifts, far better than the trip your employer might give if her party-planning is discovered.

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