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I sent a link to a website with a funny visual joke to one of my co-workers. He thought it was hysterical and forwarded it to about 20 other people here. When my manager got wind of this, he reprimanded both of us for violating company policy on using company computers. I only sent it to one person, and my co-worker sent it all over the place, so he is the one who abused the system, not me. What do you think?

Many employers today do not tend to joke around when it comes to use of company computers for visits to these types of websites. In fact, many employers have installed programs that block access to these types of sites altogether

When employees use company computers to visit these sites and encourage fellow employees to do likewise, several potential problems can arise. For example, these websites can open the door for viruses to enter the company’s system. Secondly, when employees use company computers for most non-work pursuits, they are wasting time, interrupting co-workers, and interfering with productivity. And further, some of these sites contain language and images that can be perceived as degrading, insulting, or harassing by intended or unintended recipients, and this can lead to legal exposure.

The bottom line is that you violated your company’s policy regarding the use of computers, and this is a fact whether you sent the link to one co-worker or 20. It is also a fact that many companies are monitoring employee visits to the Internet, and if you continue to do so, you may be the recipient of a rather unfunny visit from your manager.

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