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We are looking at several applicants for a bookkeeping position, and one filled our application blank so thoroughly that every single space has writing in it. She wrote so much that you can hardly find the printing on the form. Is this the sign of a potential problem?

An employee who leaves absolutely nothing blank on an application blank may point to potential problems, but may just as easily point to potential solutions. An application blank is one piece of data in the employment process. You can draw a few hypotheses from her overly-thorough approach, but you can draw no conclusions.

In this regard, you can hypothesize that she is thorough, detail minded, and fairly compulsive, while some might add that her response pattern also points to some underlying dependencies and even a fear of failure. Either way, if her background appears to be well-suited for the job, your next step is to interview her. After all, thoroughness is obviously important in bookkeeping.

Through a job-related interview that reviews her work history, you will get a better understanding of this applicant and the meaning of the way she handled your application blank. This may be the type of person who takes 45 nonstop minutes to answer just one question, and this can be a weakness. Or, she may just be a thorough person who takes every assignment very seriously, and this is a strength. With a structured interview and some reference checks, you are more likely to make a thoroughly effective hiring decision.

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