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Recognition Goals Motivation Feedback

Our manager gives us no recognition when we meet or surpass our goals, whether as individuals or as a team. She is more likely to focus negatively on some minor point or ignore our success altogether. Should we say something to her?

Managers who fail to recognize the importance of recognition are failing at one of the core elements of effective management. Recognition has been consistently found to help improve employee motivation, morale, learning, and self-esteem. And, it's probably the most affordable motivator in the world.

There can be any number of reasons for your manager's lack of positive feedback, including insecurity, insensitivity, jealousy, and incompetence. It may be helpful to tell her that you would appreciate some thanks, credit, and recognition when merited by your performance, and be sure that she understands the benefits to the department and to her for providing them. If you then see her improving in this area, you should give her some recognition for doing so.

You should also mention that you would like to have your successes on the various projects noted in your file. If she is not providing you with recognition for your accomplishments, she is probably not documenting them either. When there are decisions to be made about increases and promotions, at least your file will give you some of the support and recognition that you deserve.

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