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I went for a job interview, and it was apparent that I was not in sync with the interviewer. By the end, he stopped asking questions and started criticizing me. Among other things, he that my answers were too wordy and my clothes were wrong. I’m still upset, and I wonder what you think about this.

It is not surprising that this experience was upsetting to you, since a job interview should not be a performance review. Your distress is heightened right now because you met with this individual in hopes of finding a job, and most likely came away feeling rather insulted and humiliated. Even if the interviewer’s intentions were honorable, this is no way to conduct a job interview.

However, although you did not appreciate the feedback, now is the time to try to set your negative emotions aside and ask yourself if any of the interviewer’s comments might be worth consideration. Is it possible that your answers do run a little long or your attire might be off the mark? A practice mini-interview with a friend might give you some useful feedback. A little checking in advance, such as on a company’s website, can give you some good insights into the best attire and much more.

Try to step back and use this interview as a learning experience. Although this job is not being offered to you, it is possible that the feedback that was offered could be valuable. Rather than dwelling on yesterday’s interview, try to use that experience to make your next interview even better.

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