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My manager told me that if I expect to be promoted, I should take some supervisory classes. My complaint is that the company is not willing to pay for these classes, and I think it is kind of hypocritical to place this expectation on me. What do you think of this policy?

Although your employer wants you to increase your knowledge of supervision, this expectation has already helped you learn more about your employer. However, this might not be all negative.

Before casting your employer in a harsh light because of the lack of funding allocated to your education, you may need to consider some mitigating factors. For example, perhaps your company cannot afford to pay for these programs. Or, from the psychological standpoint, maybe the company believes that people are more committed and involved in their education when they pay for it. There could be other reasons as well.

The fact that you are quick to label your company as “hypocritical” is also a concern. When employees engage in this type of name-calling, there typically are some additional issues that are causing distress or dissatisfaction. It may be worthwhile to try to identify what else may be upsetting you at work.

The key point is that management has given you a suggestion regarding the steps to take in order to be considered for a promotion. You should seriously consider following their suggestion and take some supervisory or managerial classes. Fortunately, there are many cost effective options available both online and off, and taking advantage of them can open up some equally effective options for you.

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