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Money Motivation

We cannot pay our employees very high wages, but we are fairly competitive for our industry. With all the emphasis today on how money motivates people, what are some things we can do, besides money, to motivate them?

Short of money, there are still many ways to create an environment in which the employees are likely to be motivated.

The starting point is to treat the employees equitably and with respect and trust. Provide them with real opportunities to present their ideas, suggestions, and inputs in the decision-making process, and keep the communication lines open.

Give the employees a good deal of recognition when due, along with opportunities to sense achievement, accomplishment, and personal growth. Training and educational programs, along with opportunities to advance, can be particularly helpful in this regard. The employees should also understand the significance of their work and how it fits into the big picture.

There tends to be a positive motivational impact associated with family-friendly policies, programs, and the flexibility to meet the needs of today's employees. And, speaking of the employees' needs, why not ask them? Employees often have good ideas in terms of motivational programs, and those which they suggest often tend to be the most motivational of all.

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