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We have a small customer service department that handles sales calls from around the country. One of the sales reps has been getting more than her share of customer complaints. We have counseled her, but she always has an excuse. It takes a few months to train a new sales rep, and we don’t want to terminate her, at least not yet. What other steps do you suggest?

It is a real problem when a customer service rep does a disservice. However, it is an even bigger problem when management does not take effective corrective action.

One initial step is to look at her training. You may have spent months bringing her up to speed technically, but that is only half the training that is needed. If she has not received real customer service training, that is definitely worth considering. There are plenty of courses available, or you could bring a trainer into the company and give the whole department a tune-up.

You can also give her some specific guidance to help her deal with customers. For example, she may need to better understand the importance of listening when customers are upset. It might also if she tries to smile when talking with customers. Interestingly, customers on the phone can tell whether a rep is smiling or not. Another step is for you to demonstrate some of the specific behaviors that work best.

Many companies use the term “customer care” rather than “customer service,” and if this rep can understand that she is actually a caregiver, perhaps she will act like one, too.

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