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I am applying for a new job, and one of my friends told me that employers are checking out applicants online. When I enter my name on some of the search engines, I can find blogs that are not real complimentary about me, but most of it is funny stuff. So are the clips on one of the video sites. Are employers really checking out applicants this way? If so, what can I do?

The age-old quote, “Oh what tangled webs we weave,” now applies to the Web itself, and it’s there for everyone to see, including growing numbers of employers.

The best step is to go back to those search engines and video sites, enter your name, and then pretend you are a potential employer. If the blogs or videos portray you as immature, biased, drunk, or out of control, that is not “funny stuff.” Most employers are not seeking those qualities in their new hires.

One step is to try to make sure that the networking sites where you have posted information about yourself are only viewable to your friends. You can also try contacting a site’s webmaster and asking him or her to remove any references to you. If the problem is too much for you to handle, there are companies that can help you remove negative information about you on the Web.

In the future, you should continue to monitor whatever is said or shown about you on the Web, and remember that a potential employer is likely to be doing the same thing.

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