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Whenever we meet with our manager to talk about questions or problems on the job, his reaction is always the same. He says, “Deal with it,” and then goes back to whatever he was doing. We end up making mistakes and then getting reprimanded. What are we supposed to do?

It can be very difficult to deal with a manager whose most common expression is, “Deal with it.” The problem is not that your manager expects you to solve problems on your own, but rather that this is the sole component of his managerial strategy.

Employees are capable of solving many problems on their own, and when they do so, everybody wins. The expectation that employees answer their own questions can actually build their skills, independence, and confidence.

However, there is more to management than this. There can be any number of situations in which managers need to provide employees with more than “deal with it.” In such instances, managers may need to provide hands-on support, guidance, coaching, or training.

When managers expect their employees to resolve everything on their own, the outcome is a combination of frustration and mistakes. It may be helpful for several of you to meet with your manager and show him how he can profit by providing some direction when you encounter difficult questions or obstacles. Try to let him see how he can save time or generate higher quality work by providing more support.

If he ignores you, and the mistakes pile up while the productivity declines, it is possible that someone in management may conclude that it is time to deal with your manager.

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