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Iím fairly new here, and I just gave my manager a suggestion that would help our department run better. He said that my suggestion has been tried before and it did not work, and I should be focusing on learning my job and performing well, rather than trying to make changes. I am annoyed with his comment, and I am wondering what to do.

Your manager is correct in advising you to focus on your job, but he is out of focus when it comes to understanding the value that every employee, whether new or not, can add to a department.

While it is important for you as a new employee to learn your job, the fact that you are new can be a key advantage in generating new ideas. You have not yet fallen into the accepted pattern of operations, and that can be a key advantage in finding new ways to do things.

The major issue is that your manager actively discouraged you from presenting any suggestions, at least for the near term. His approach can not only prevent you from presenting your next suggestion, it can even subtly prevent your co-workers from doing so. In this way, everybody loses.

If you are a creative and communicative person, and he is a controlling and rigid manager, this is not a heavenly match. You should continue to learn your new job, keep your performance level up, and communicate your best suggestions to him. If he continues to resist your desire to present new ideas, it may be time to think about a new department or job.

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