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I met with a sales representative who pitched a costly software program. I reviewed his materials and did not think the program would work here. A few months later, my manager told me that he met with this same representative and has decided to purchase the program. I believe it was unprofessional for the sales representative to go around me, and I am not pleased with my manager either. What should I do?

Look first at your work responsibilities, and then take a look at your working relationship with your manager. There is not much to look at in terms of the sales representativeís actions. Sales representatives are advised to meet with decision makers, and this representative either knew or sensed that there was a higher player in the process.

If this software program falls under your responsibilities, your real issue is with your manager. When he received a call from this representative, your manager should have contacted you to discuss your thoughts prior to setting an appointment. After failing to so inform you, he clearly should have contacted you after the meeting to discuss the product. The fact that he took neither of these steps and then unilaterally made the purchase decision indicates that this productís offerings are not under your responsibility, or your manager has not empowered you to make these kinds of decisions.

Your next step is to meet with him to clarify this. While you are concerned about the professionalism of the salesperson, the real amateur in this process appears to be your manager.

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