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Finding a Job Responsiveness

I applied for a job in a company and heard nothing for three months. I called once and got tossed around on their voice mail system, but never talked to anyone. I just received a rejection letter, an ice-cold form letter that has several typos. Even my name is spelled wrong. I'm annoyed and I'd like to write them back, but I'm wondering if it is worth it.

This company is not worth another second of your time. After all, you took the time to apply for a job, only to be ignored for 3 months. When the company finally let you know that your services are not desired, they sent you a sample from the slipshod handbook.

You are probably very fortunate. If the way your application was handled is any indicator of the way that this company deals with people in general, then this is an organization with little insight into the importance of treating people with respect and trust.

The company also appears to have minimal understanding of the meaning of good will and the importance of maintaining a positive image with the public. Presumably you are not the only person who received this third-rate treatment, and, as more and more people in the work force talk about the negative way that the company treated them, there can be any number of costs.

The fact is that although you were an applicant, you are possibly a customer, and definitely a link to other customers. Since this company does not care about maintaining anything close to good will with you, the best step is to take your business elsewhere.

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