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I spent nearly six years as a Marketing Coordinator while I was trying to break into marketing management. I was passed up for promotions, and I was told it was because I needed a bachelor's degree. At great expense, I went back to college and obtained a bachelor's degree and an MBA. Now I'm hearing I don't have enough on-the-job experience to be a manager. I've been looking for over a year, and I'd even take a marketing coordinator position to get my foot in the door. Although it's lying, I'm considering removing my education from my resume. Do you think that would help?

In addition to potential problems associated with lying, if you remove your recent education, it is the same as a poker player removing the aces from his or her hand. Your education is your ace in the hole.

With your experience and education, you have much to offer a potential employer, and you need to use every possible resource to find the right one. For example, contact the university that conferred your MBA and see if their career placement office can help. Look at your network and contact every person who could possibly provide an introduction. Take advantage of newspapers and online employment sites, marketing association meetings, and your state's employment development department.

Have a trusted friend review your resume and cover letter. Practice your interview skills and memorize the best lines that capture the benefits you bring to any organization.

It sounds like you are about to give up, and many employers can sense that in an applicant. You have knowledge, skills, and experience, and the only thing you should give up is a defeatist attitude.

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