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Our new manager gives me the creeps. I don't know what it is about him, but as soon as I met him, I felt my skin crawl. I can't identify anything in particular that he did, but I just don't like being around him. I like my job, but the whole place has really changed for me because of him. What can you suggest?

This is the type of situation in which you need to literally and figuratively step back and take a look at what is actually happening. You have made a snap judgment about a new person in your work life. The problem is that although many people think they can make expert judgments instantly, many of these judgments are instantly wrong.

In your own life, there have probably been cases where you took a quick liking to someone, only to find out over time that there was less to this person than met the eye. And, you have probably found that some of those people whom you did not initially like actually turned out to be rather likable. The key element is the passage of time.

Your instant opinion of this individual may be entirely accurate. Perhaps your experiences with people have helped you to identify subtle problematic traits of others. However, your quick opinion could also be indicators of bias, prejudice, or previous negative experiences with someone who unconsciously reminds you of this individual.

As time passes, your question is going to be answered. In the interim, try to deal with him with an open mind, lest he make an inaccurate snap judgment of you.

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