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I've been with this company for about a year, and I enjoy most of the work. My problem is that the people I work with talk about work and nothing else. Some humor or casual conversation would be nice, but it doesn't happen. This place is no fun, and I am wondering if that is enough reason to leave.

For employees who are consumed by work, your company is actually one fun place. There are endless conversations about projections, plans, and products, and this probably falls into your colleagues' definition of fun.

The real issue is that you enjoy a work environment that includes humor, a balance between work and personal life, and some off-beat activities and discussions. Unfortunately, although these elements are of value to you, they are not valued in the culture of your company. While you enjoy the job's technical components, you are experiencing dissatisfaction because several aspects of your social needs are not being met.

With people spending so many hours at work, it is important for the job to be interesting, challenging, uplifting, an energizing. In this sense, it should be fun. Your present job is fun for some people, but not for you. It is up to you to decide if this is sufficient reason to leave, but remember that it is not much fun to look back at one's career and think of what could have been.

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