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My manager made a commitment to phone me at a specific time on a specific day, and then called 2 hours later and started the conversation as if there were no delay at all. I told him that I had to move a bunch of work around as a result of the delay, and he didn't even respond. Your thoughts?

This power play by your manager demonstrates that he has a little problem with the "C" word. In fact, he has a little problem with several "C" words, including commitment, communication, and care.

In the first place, he made a commitment to call you at a specific time, and if he could not do so, there are a number of steps he could have taken. The first is to call you ahead to indicate that scheduled call would be late, and then he should have rescheduled the second call. A broken commitment not only calls for an apology, but it also calls for a change in one's behavior to prevent this from happening again. Your manager went 0 for 4 on this one.

In terms of communication, one of the most important aspects is listening. You told your manager that you had to make several adjustments in your work to accommodate his call, and his response was a big nothing. For him, communication appears to be a one-way process, and, as such, is destined to fail.

This entire incident points to a lack of care on his part. He had no concern for the value of your time, the inconvenience he caused you, or your thoughts on any of these matters. Speaking of "C" words, your manager's behavior is ultimately going to cause one of the most problematic "C" words of all: conflict.

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