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Sexual Harassment Bullies

I have been employed for seven months on my present job. My boss has made several comments about my physical appearance, and he recently told me how I reminded him of a particular lingerie model. I am most uncomfortable with this situation, but I feel it probably does not qualify as sexual harassment. Do I say anything, and if so, how?

You remind him of a lingerie model? Doesn't he remind you of a Neanderthal boss who drags his company into a sexual harassment lawsuit? As to whether his actions qualify as sexual harassment, he is engaging in unwanted sexually-oriented behaviors that are creating a hostile environment for you. It sounds like he is highly qualified for the designation of sexual harasser.

One approach is for you to go directly to management. In fact, many companies encourage their employees to do just that. There is tremendous liability associated with sexual harassment, and numerous employers have specific channels to deal with it. You also have the option of contacting an attorney or various state agencies.

If you prefer, you can meet with your boss and tell him that his sexually-oriented comments must stop. Give him examples of the comments in question, let him know they are upsetting you, and conclude by saying that you will be forced to take more serious action if his harassment continues.

The larger issue is that many companies have policies, training programs, and a broad range of resources specifically designed to deal with, and ultimately eliminate, sexual harassment. One has to wonder about a company that still has this kind of predator lurking about.

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