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My boss made condescending and patronizing statements which escalated to yelling and screaming, which escalated to kicking boxes out the door and punching them. The boss said that employers can treat employees any way they want and employee relations have nothing to do with it. I quit the next day. I don't know about you or anybody else, but I certainly did not want to stay in that kind of environment.

If you are seeking validation for your decision to leave a hostile, threatening, intimidating, and insulting work environment, you came to the right place. Your boss's understanding of management, leadership, motivation, and human relations is clearly in negative territory.

His comment about human relations is particularly troubling, not only for the employees who report to him, but for the company at large. Bosses who ignore human relations are also ignoring such issues as employee satisfaction, commitment, and productivity. And further, they ignore the possibility of legal action as a result of their outrageous behavior.

One question regarding your decision to leave is whether you made any attempt to approach your boss's boss. However, even if you did so, it is not all that uncommon to find that abusive bosses often report to abusive bosses, and even learn their "skills" from them.

A second question is whether you left in a huff, or lined up a more attractive opportunity before exiting. Either way, it will be very important to screen your next employer very carefully in order to reduce the chances of hitching up with another mule.

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