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Our company has an award program that is supposedly linked to our performance. My performance has been in the award range and I have never gotten one, but other people with similar performance have been given awards. I told this to my manager and he said he'd look into it, but nothing ever happened. What do you suggest?

Your company's award program is certainly not going to win any awards. When a company implements a program that is supposed to link awards to performance, and then doles out awards on some other basis, the company is asking for real trouble.

This approach not only generates dissatisfaction, dissent, and frustration, it also has the possibility of generating claims in the equal employment area. For example, some may argue that these awards are being granted on the basis of such factors as race, sex, religion, or national origin.

If your manager continues to do nothing about this, you should approach the human resources director if your company has one, or you should consider approaching a more senior level of management. In addition to voicing your concern and dissatisfaction, give management the specific facts that prove that you have earned an award.

Company management needs to understand that award programs need clear performance criteria, equitable treatment for all, and validation to be sure that the program is meeting its objectives. Management also needs to understand that the matter of company awards can turn into a matter of jury awards.

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