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I am going on a job interview next week, and I am supposed to be interviewed by a panel of 4 people. I have never had this type of interview before, and I am somewhat nervous about it. Are there any hints?

Although this type of interview sounds like a 4 on 1 breakaway, its objective is not to fire a barrage of verbal shots against a hapless applicant. Rather, companies that conduct these types of interviews are typically serious about hiring and are committed to devoting considerable resources in order to make the right decision. This type of screening technique does not call for much of a change in your interview strategy.

As in any job interview, you should obviously be honest, clear, and succinct, and you should have a solid understanding of the industry, company, and potential position. When you are introduced to the group, try to remember the names and titles of each person. And, when a question is asked, address the individual by name, and try to tailor your response to fit his or her position in the company.

While answering one interviewer's question, be sure to make eye contact with him or her, as well as with each of the others. If the interviewers start talking among themselves, do not interrupt. Even with this group format, remember the adage that the more the interviewers talk, the more they like the applicant.

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