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I am being considered for a promotion, and I feel flattered about this. The problem, and I don't like to admit it, is that I am nervous about my ability to handle the position. Do you have any suggestions for a person in my situation?

If you were being considered for a promotion and were not nervous, that would be enough to get management nervous. Your nervousness is totally normal. The possibility of this promotion is a life major change filled with unknowns, and that is the classic formula for nervousness, and even some anxiety, self-doubt, and resistance.

It is very important to avoid letting your nervousness interfere with this opportunity or with your chances of success if you are promoted. Now is the time to keep your expectations as positive as possible. If you enter a new position and expect to fail, you greatly increase your chances of doing so.

The idea is to enter a new position with the firm belief that you are smart, successful, and will do whatever is necessary to perform with excellence. When an athlete feels a little nervous before a race, that can actually energize him or her to perform at even higher levels. Why shouldn't that happen to you too?

When you are first promoted, you will probably receive at least some guidance and mentoring. If you feel that you need to know more, you can do some reading or take some courses. Remember, no one involved in your promotion wants you to fail, for that would be a failure for them too.

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