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Money Raises Fairness Equal Employment Persuasion

In my department, we all were hired within the last 3 months. We have the same job description, duties, and work hours. However, each of us was hired at a different rate of pay, negotiated at the time of employment. The range varies from $18.00 to $24.00 per hour. How do the lower paid employees go back and negotiate for a higher rate of pay?

It can definitely pay to renegotiate your rate of pay, but before rushing off to present your case, there are a few matters to keep in mind. For example, many companies have pay ranges for the various jobs, and the specific pay provided to each employee depends upon his or her experience, education, expertise, and other job related factors. This means that people in the same position can be paid significantly different amounts.

Even at this point, if you believe that you deserve an increase, you should discuss this with your manager. Be sure to note the skills, training, and experience that you bring to the job. Try to let the manager see the ways in which you have already added value to the department, and be sure to let the manager see how he or she wins by raising your pay.

At the same time, if the employees who are concentrated at the lower end of the pay range all appear to be from one racial or ethnic group, or of the same gender, the company may end up having to pay far more than a few additional dollars per hour.

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