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Owners Yelling Atmosphere Bullies

An employee who throws a temper tantrum, screams, shoves boxes out of the door, swears, and then walks over to a table and punches a box would probably be immediately escorted out the door. But what do you do when the owner of the company does that?

You work for an explosive owner who throws, screams, shoves, and punches, and you wonder what to do in an economy that is bursting with jobs? It is true that if an employee were engaging in these types of behaviors, he or she would most likely be escorted out the door, but when the owner is doing this, perhaps it is time to escort yourself out the door.

You can certainly approach this individual between storms and tell him or her about the wide range of costly problems caused by the outbursts, such as the increases in turnover, dissatisfaction, and accidents, along with decreases in productivity, loyalty, and commitment. However, one meeting is not likely to have much of an impact on this aspect of the owner's personality. And, obviously, since this individual is the owner, you cannot appeal to his or her manager.

A related problem that occurs when an owner acts like a classical two-year-old is that he or she is sending a message to all of the employees that such behavior is acceptable. As a result, you will most likely find other employees, including those in managerial positions, modeling the tantrums of the owner.

While the company owner may scream, swear, punch, and shove boxes out the door, one day he or she will realize that such actions shove something far more valuable out the door.

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Posted by Website visitor on 2013-07-31 09:56:04
The owner just yelled at me at work and even told me yo get out of here so I left. He screamed at me in front of every mormi g crew after I failed to put a sign at the front where Li mopped thefloor and he almost slipped. I was told to clean earlier. In the morning before the employees arrived. Still the owner who should know I am trying to make the place look good for him manages to come around when he could go anither way. The company thinks I take drugs. Givenme random drug tests because I drive their vehicle. I don't do drugs.