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I work in the Human Resources Department of a large corporation. There are four of us, three females (myself being one) and one male. Our boss gives us many projects with unreasonable deadlines, doesn't help with the work, but takes all the credit. She just bought a new house, so she is gone a lot. We work 60+ hours every week, but our male co-worker only works around 40. The president is completely snowed by our boss, but one of the vice presidents is slowly becoming aware of the problem. If we go over our boss's head, we fear retribution. Would you please make some suggestions?

For a Human Resources Department, there certainly does not seem to be much focus on humans or resources. It is truly commendable that you were able to meet any deadlines at all.

The first step for you and any of your equally dissatisfied associates is to meet with this boss. Present specific examples of the issues that you regard as unfair, inappropriate, or dissatisfying. And, for each such issue, present a plan of correction.

You can conclude the meeting by saying that you hope the problem will end here, as you do not wish to go to senior management with it. If your boss continues to mismanage the group, you should approach the one vice president who is starting to see the light. You need to turn that light into a spotlight by letting him see the costs of what is going on. Be sure to mention your fears of retaliation for speaking with him, and conclude by asking for his help. Unless he specializes in being clueless, he will provide it.

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